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based on World’s Reserve Currency to Fall from Grace, are you PREPARED? 
Interview with Bo Polny
Wild West Crypto Show
September 8, 2020

The world has changed massively since April. We’re in a massive transition, and we haven’t come out on the other side yet. The old world was founded on God and blessed by God. The federal reserve act came way after that. The dollar, which controls the world, was not made by God and was created by the elite. For generations, we’ve been chasing this fake money system. In April, that system ended when oil went to zero. 

This isn’t a time of fear; it’s a time of preparations. I’m just a messenger trying to steer people in the right direction. When the next era comes online next year, people will realize that they’ve been lied to. 

The US dollar has a massive down cycle coming for the next few years. This shows that the powers that be are losing control. As the dollar falls, the moves on gold, silver, and cryptos will be sizable. The dollar that controls the world now will not be what controls the world in 2021. 

Now is time to begin to diversify your portfolios into some of these other stores of value that we’re going to see climb as the dollar falls. Noah built an ark because God had a plan. The arks of this timeline are the arks of safety in the mountains that people will be building in the mountains. The wheat rises with the tares, so Satan is here, and he has an agenda. But if you’re prepared, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Those who have prepared will have accepted Christ, they’ll have food and water, a place to stay because they’ve built safe havens, and they’ll have the means because God’s money will explode in value due to the downturn of the paper dollar. They’ll have nothing to fear. 

Once the charts start accelerating, they’ll accelerate exponentially. So those who aren’t prepared will have a more challenging time preparing. It will be harder and harder to get your hands on gold and silver. As a result, once gold and silver have gone through the roof, people will turn to cryptos. They can suck up a lot more money than even gold and silver because they’re digital units. They’ll run faster and further. 

While gold and silver where you should be, having crypto will provide you with the means to transition to God’s money. Regardless of what price anything goes to, you’ll be sitting on the right side of the fence. 

The better prepared you are, the more people you’ll be able to help.