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Bo Polny

Cryptocurrency Market

Based out of Newport Beach, California, Bo Polny is a prominent and experienced cycles timing analyst in the Gold, Silver and Cryptocurrency markets and holds possibly the highest track record of ‘verifiably’ accurate bitcoin timing forecasts in the world. He is the founder and face behind Gold 2020 Forecast on YouTube where his videos currently have over 26 million views. Bo has been featured on network television shows and the like, including CNBC Crypto Trader,,,, NinosCorner.TV,,, is one of the features speakers at the ReAwakenAmerica Tour and has been a featured speaker at dozens of other conferences all over the world.

Bo’s journey as a precious metals analyst began in 2010. Prior to his career as an analyst, in 1991, Bo graduated near the top of his class as a Chiropractor. He moved to California to pursue his career and within a short few years built up one of the larger multidisciplinary health clinics in his county and was later featured as one of Orange Coast’s ‘Top Doctors’.  

After two decades in private practice, Bo faced a personal family challenge that caused him to reevaluate his life and priorities and consequently turned to do more of God’s will, rather than his promote his own self-interests.  He sold his clinic, retired from chiropractic, and began to dedicate his time to studying the gold and silver markets—which for some unknown reason fascinated him at the time.  As he researched, Bo began noticing market patterns that were reminiscent of timelines laid out in the Bible, specifically a timing cycle described within Daniel’s prophetic timeline.  Curious, he began to look into the phenomenon and discovered that biblical timelines had previously been used to predict future world events. In fact, Nostradamus had accurately predicted the tragedy of 9/11 centuries before it even occurred. 

Fascinated by the discoveries, Bo Polny continued his research into Daniel’s timing cycle, and, after thorough and detailed analysis, he began to realize that critical dates our world tended to directly correlate with the price movement of both gold and silver.  Bo began constructing his market analysis on gold using timing points laid out within Daniel’s timing cycle. Then in January of 2017, at the request of his wife, he applied his timing analysis to that of Bitcoin and was soon ‘blown away’ by the result with the ability to accurately time bitcoin’s price movement in advance that year. 

By the end of 2017, as bitcoin spiked into its near $20,000 top, Bo correctly forecasted all four-cycle highs to within a margin of two days heading into that top. Then, while at a conference in San Francisco on November 21, 2017, he WARNED the world about the coming bitcoin CRASH in early 2018, when he stated “Expect another price rise into early 2018 at which point bitcoin will hit a VERY IMPORTANT TOP that will not be broken with higher prices for many months.'” Bo Polny was correct again, as a final price rise did occur in ‘early 2018’ with bitcoin rising up into a final lower high at $17,200 on January 6 before collapsing over $11,000! 

His successful track record for forecasting the bitcoin price movement in advance did not stop there. In fact, Bo further went on to gain notoriety as possibly the only analyst in the world to successfully and verifiably forecast bitcoin’s final bear mark bottom December 15, 2018, at $3122—to the exact day.

Bo believes that his life and his career as a blessing from God, the father.  What’s more, he on occasion has received prophetic dreams that have helped him to decipher difficult patterns and make sense of the market.  When he is fortunate enough to be blessed by these dreams, Bo’s timing accuracy tends to skyrocket.  He takes this market timing analysis incredibly seriously and delights in the ability to help others feel confident they have made good decisions about their future. 

What’s Bo Polny’s latest information he has put out to the public?  Visit Bo incredibly popular YouTube channel Gold 2020 Forecast, which had over five million views as of May 2020.  He is the owner and founder of Gold 2020 Forecast LLC, a market timing service he began in exactly the seventh (7) month of 2013, exactly seven (7) years before 2020, the year which changes our world forever. 

Bo Polny’s goal for his subscribers is to help them in understanding future market cycles and how these timing cycles directly relate to the expected price direction for bitcoin, many of the alternate cryptocurrency and precious metals markets.  Since discovering the biblical connection of gold’s price cycle to the markets over twenty years ago and then applying these timing cycles to bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies, Bo has had some incredible and big success calling the markets in advance.  Though it is clearly impossible to get everything right, his accuracy rate is rather astounding. It is for this reason he states on this website… ‘our accuracy may shock you!’  He is grateful for the gifts he feels God has bestowed him, yet humbly acknowledges, ‘all glory to God’.

Learn more about Bo Polny and what he is saying about current world timing cycles by visiting or reading his blog. 

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