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In my last post, I left off at the point in which the paper monetary system was beginning to collapse due to the drop in oil. From there, on the Biblical timeline, we have Passover. And when Passover ends, that next day, Pharaoh tells Moses to leave Egypt. Moses takes his people and leaves. In our time, this occurs on April 17th.

May 7th would be the next date of importance. That’s 20 days from Passover. It marks the day, Biblically, when Pharaoh was finished. That was the day God opened and closed the red sea. This Biblical event corresponds to our events of May 8th.

What happened on May 8th? That was the day declassified transcripts showing Obama officials, including Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch, were unable to provide concrete evidence of collusion with Russia during the House Intelligence probe. The truth is beginning to come out!

That was a significant release. The Truth will set you free! How does Evil fall? At the hands of Truth. Light exposes all evil. Again, this corresponds with the fall of Pharaoh in Biblical times.

So now the next date we come to is May 21st. On the 20th, the Senate committee authorized the subpoena of Hunter Biden to investigate him. And right at that point, Ukraine also announces a lawsuit against Biden. We see the dominoes start to get wobbly here.

Then we get to the birth of God’s church, but we all know that the water has to break before there is birth. So what happens on May 20th? On May 20th, the Edenville dam in Michigan experienced a catastrophic failure. The damn breaks!

Another ten days from the 21st would be the beginning of the birth. Pentecost is May 31st. This lines up with the 40 days and nights of Noah on the ark. The rain stopped on the 31st. I believe something epic is set to happen on May 31st. I don’t know what the event will be; only God knows what he has planned.

I see June as a transition point. God is bringing in a new era, but the old era hasn’t completely died out yet. There’s a great deal of Divine power rising at the end of May. We should see the power of God’s spirit rising on this earth throughout the following months.

On Daniel’s Timeline, there are still 150 days before God ends the flooding on earth. The rains stop on May 31st, but the water is still there. Noah doesn’t set foot on dry land until 150 days after the rain ends.

One hundred and fifty days brings us to September 18th. From that day until April 26th, 2021, we’ll see a major transition. Some things I believe we’ll see are 1) the US Dollar begins to fall, 2) hyperinflation begins, and 3) eventually, we’ll have a new Gold/Silver Monetary System.

April 26, 2021, will be the beginning of our new era. At first, cryptocurrencies will rise, and eventually, we’ll be in a silver/gold monetary system. All money is energy, and as the system shifts, that energy will split. Some will go to gold and silver, and some will go into crypto.

When that happens, it would be good to have some of that crypto in advance so that when the new system comes online, you’ll be in. You won’t have to worry about exchanging paper money at a low exchange rate if you already have crypto.

Later on, you’ll be able to transfer crypto to gold and silver. Having one is great, but both is even better. It’s always wise to diversify. Now, I’m not telling people what they should or shouldn’t do. I’m just sharing the information that has been shown to me. You need to follow what’s in your hearts.

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