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Millions of investors around the world have been diversifying their portfolio in the past couple of years with cryptocurrency. However, cryptocurrency is more dangerous than purchasing stock from a traditional broker as you don’t have the same safety measures to ensure that your belongings are safe. To ensure that you don’t lose your cryptocurrency from those looking to steal it, check out some of the best crypto wallets people are using in 2021.

Ledger Nano X

For years, Ledger has been working in the cryptocurrency industry by building physical crypto wallets that keep users safe. The current wallet iteration by Ledge, the Ledger Nano X, has been popular with users due to the versatility. You simply plug in the wallet to your computer using a USB slot in which you then can create wallets for over 1,000 different cryptocurrencies. The wallet does also have Bluetooth functionality, although some users feel like this feature is a bit flawed. Consider the Ledger Nano X if you’re looking for a product that has years of trust behind it.

Trezor Model T

Having a physical crypto wallet can be nice but you might not always have your computer around to plug it in. The Trezor Model T is a physical crypto wallet built to solve this solution with an LCD screen included on each wallet. With this screen, you can access the balance of each of your crypto wallets included on the device so you can decide if it’s worth finding your computer and selling off some of your cryptocurrency at that time. Users looking for more security will also be happy with the MicroSD slot included on the Trezor Model T which lets you encrypt your PIN more than with a traditional crypto wallet. Overall, the Trezor Model T is expensive but can definitely be worth it for more advanced cryptocurrency owners.


As cryptocurrency advances, it’s only inevitable that you’ll have more wallets to choose from. Ensure that you not only pick out the right wallet for safety but one that you can sell any of your cryptocurrency quickly from as prices can rise and fall quickly. By choosing the right crypto wallet, you’re ensuring the safety of your investments.